Recruitment Solutions

Pharmadrome provides recruitment services to companies operating in the life sciences sector. Our client base comprises global biopharmaceutical and medical technology companies and regional service providers seeking to hire highly skilled professionals in their respective industries.


Personnel search

Personnel selection using the direct search methodology (“headhunting“), for the proactive recruitment of highly qualified specialists or middle and upper-level managers.

Executive search


Contingent search

The contingent search model offers a no-placement, no-fee service for companies seeking to fill specialist or middle-level management positions. Due to its low-risk appeal, it is the most widely used recruitment model, as the fee is payable only upon successful placement.

Retained search

The retained search model targets confidential and senior-level management positions and involves a prepayment fee (1/3) to secure exclusively dedicated services. The rest of the fee is payable in phases after the shortlist's introduction and the selected candidate's successful placement.



Every recruitment process starts with a thorough job brief to analyse our client's needs, determine the ideal candidate's profile and assess the unique selling points of the role to attract suitable candidates.

Job brief

Candidate's profile



We set out a sourcing strategy to successfully identify and recruit high-quality candidates by mapping the market using our market intelligence and exclusive database of industry professionals.

Sourcing strategy

Market mapping



Sourcing is the process where we focus on identifying, assessing and engaging prospective candidates through market mapping and a proactive approach to generate interest in the opportunity.

Active Sourcing

Candidate engagement

Candidate attraction


Once we identify potential candidates, we perform a thorough screening process that evaluates their career track record, technical skills and cultural fit. We then present the most suitable candidates for the client's evaluation.

Candidates assessment

Candidates selection



We help our clients to coordinate the interviewing process and take care of all the logistical arrangements. During this stage, the client can also choose to use an assessment centre, psychometric or technical testing as part of the vetting process.

Candidates Introduction

Interview coordination

Gathering feedback


Once the interviewing process is complete, we perform the final pre-employment verifications on each applicant by collecting reference checks from their nominated referees.

Reference collection

Reference check


Upon selection, we help prepare a hiring package and ensure that all of our placed candidates are supported during the transition and onboarding stages to make an immediate impact.

Offer preparation

Offer presentation

Follow up