Medical Technology Industry

The medical device industry plays a vital role in developing new medical technologies that improve the ability to diagnose and treat diseases. It produces many products ranging from simple bandages to complex programmable pacemakers and sophisticated imaging systems.


Our expertise in medical technology recruitment covers all essential product commercialisation activities.

Biomedical Engineering

The application of engineering principles to solve biological and medical problems for the purpose of improving health care.

Clinical operations

Clinical operations refer to the activities associated with the planning, execution, and quality control of the clinical studies from study start-up to close out.

Commercial operations

Marketing function is to help life science companies commercialise their products, whether by bringing medicines to local markets or identifying new research and development opportunities. Commercial activities focus on analysing the needs of a given market and developing communications about specific therapies and products.

Health economics

Market Access

Market access has evolved into a separate organisational function that integrates pricing, reimbursement and patient advocacy. It is a process of ensuring that patients have access to treatments and medicines at the right price.

Medical Affairs

Medical affairs is a department within pharmaceutical or medical device companies that focuses on communication with healthcare providers.

Quality Assurance

The quality assurance function helps life science organisations accomplish their objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve risk management and internal control processes. Quality professionals are responsible for promoting and ensuring compliance with appropriate standard operating procedures and good quality practices.

Regulatory Affairs

Regulatory affairs play a crucial role in the highly regulated environment in which life sciences companies operate. The function is involved in all stages of product development and is key to obtaining a marketing license. It ensures that companies comply with the regulations and laws applicable to the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.